BrandPost: How Cybersecurity Became a Business Issue in 2020

In March, when most businesses mandated a work-from-home policy because of the pandemic, many probably thought the move would last a few weeks or so. Well, here we are, nearing the end of 2020, and many businesses are still working remotely, while others are slowing returning to the office. Regardless of where you work from today, businesses must look to the future and solve how to support a workforce that is forever changed.

When the sudden shift to remote work took place, cybersecurity teams were in a reactive mode, laser-focused on dealing with tactical activities to keep businesses operational and safe. Tactically, cybersecurity teams were concerned with VPN licenses – did they have enough under the enterprise license agreement (ELA) or did they even have VPN licenses? Did employees have access to cloud storage or was local storage the norm – and now that local storage was on an employee’s dining room table, if employees did not have a laptop to use for remote work, would they be connected to the corporate network on the family tablet that was used for video streaming and pre-school lessons? These were problems most cybersecurity professionals probably never imagined.

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