BrandPost: Rapidly and Securely Transitioning 7,000+ Employees to Telework

As offices emptied out earlier this year in many places around the world as a result of the pandemic, IT teams scrambled to ensure fast, reliable, and secure connectivity to the corporate network for employees. While some organizations were able to leverage existing solutions, others found that their products were incapable of scaling to meet the needs of a mostly remote workforce. This was the case for one business process outsourcing (BPO) firm with 7,000 newly homebound employees, and the question quickly became: What now?

No Time for Trial and Error

Because it had to retool quickly, the BPO company’s IT team could not afford to make the wrong technology decision. They started by shortlisting vendors they could trust. At the top of that list was Fortinet, which was recognized as a leading security technology provider by the BPO’s global parent company. 

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