BrandPost: The Proverbial HR Exit Walk – But What About the Data?

Many of us have taken “the walk”! You know, the one where a representative from HR (commonly known as the People Team these days) walks you out of the building and wishes you all the best on your next adventure. We know the drill well and whatever may be the impetus (quitting, a new role, retiring, or in more extreme situations, termination), you will find yourself in that exit interview while you hand back your corporate issued devices and badge.

Never at any stage of this process are you asked about the data you are potentially taking with you nor confronted with evidence that you might be. This is even after Code42 research clearly identified that 63% of people admit to taking data from their previous jobs with the intent to use it with their new employer. Plus, let’s be honest, those other 37% are likely not being forthcoming. The magnitude of the problem gets worse when you consider that today’s employee departures are 100% virtual and we happen to be living in a time where turnover and job hopping are setting record benchmarks.

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