Crosscompile radare2 with dockcross

So you want to cross-compile radare to some exotic architecture? Use this docker and you’ll save some headache: Here’s and example on how changes required for i.e ARMv5 (no hard float) borrowed from mk/ ARCH=arm CROSS_ROOT=/usr/bin CROSS_TRIPLET=${ARCH}-linux-gnueabi CC=${CROSS_ROOT}/${CROSS_TRIPLET}-gcc USERCC=${CROSS_ROOT}/${CROSS_TRIPLET}-gcc RANLIB=${CROSS_TRIPLET}-ranlib CC_AR=${CROSS_ROOT}/${CROSS_TRIPLET}-ar -r ${LIBAR} (...) After defining your new mk/ file it should be pretty straighforward to install the dockcross tool from one of its own containers: $ docker run thewtex/cross-compiler-linux-armv5 > ~/bin/dockcross $ chmod +x ~/bin/dockcross And then, compile normally from inside the container: