Crypto Attacks

  • Birthday Attacks – statistical reality that out of 23 people the odds that 2 or more people have the same birthday is 50%. The goal is to find 2 messages that produce the same message digest to crack the cryptography
  • Brute Force – tries every combination
  • Man in the Middle – Intercept a message and may modify before sending to the destination
  • Replay – Replay passwords or session information to gain unauthorized access.
  • Known Plaintext – If attacker has both encrypted message and plain text he can reverse the actual encryption.
  • Chosen Plaintext – When chosen plaintext is encrypted and the output is obtained it can be used for attack.
  • Adaptive Chosen Plaintext – attack where text is altered and then the results are compared
  • Ciphertext Only – only cipher is available. no plaintext is known.
  • Adaptive Chosen Ciphertext Attack – certain pieces of cipher text then compared with previous results.