DiRT 5 and our first Xbox Series X “enhanced” tests: 120Hz saves the uneven ride

While I have been testing a pre-release Xbox Series X console for nearly a month, ahead of its November 10 launch, I have had very few new games to test on it. Most of my effort has revolved around its massive backwards-compatible feature set—as seen in a very long feature about how older games benefit from newer hardware.

Today, for the first time, I’m allowed to lift the curtain on a game made for Xbox Series consoles: DiRT 5, the latest drift-heavy racing game from Codemasters. What’s more, it is the first game I’ve ever tested for a bespoke game console with frame rates up to 120fps. That’s a substantial increase from the 60fps max of past console generations (and a big rally-car leap above the 30fps cap you typically see on current-gen games).

I want to be clear: DiRT 5 is not the best foot forward for Xbox Series X, and I’m not entirely sure it’s representative of the console’s next-gen promise. I urge you to keep an eye out for more next-gen game impressions before loading ammunition into your preferred “console war” cannon. But DiRT 5‘s first taste of 120Hz racing on a console, and what it takes to get there, is fascinating enough to merit an asterisk-covered preview.

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