England faces a proper “argy-bargy” in Pennyworth S2 trailer

Jack Bannon reprises his role as former British SAS soldier Alfred Pennyworth for the second season of Pennyworth on Epix.

An alternate London is once again threatened by a sinister society aiming to take over the British government in the trailer for the second season of Pennyworth, a crime drama/prequel series based on the character of Alfred Pennyworth, aka Bruce Wayne/Batman’s loyal butler. Like Doom Patrol and the cancelled Swamp Thing series, which languished in the hinterlands of the DC Universe streaming service—Doom Patrol has since moved to HBO Max—Pennyworth being aired on Epix limited S1’s audience reach. And that’s a shame because it’s a solid series, even if it only has a passing connection with the DC Comics characters who inspired it.

(Spoilers for S1 below.)

The series is set in an alternate London circa the 1960s. Jack Bannon stars as the titular Alfred Pennyworth, aka “Alfie,” a former working-class British SAS soldier who has found work as a bouncer at an exclusive club and hopes to start up his own security firm.  Among his potential clients: an American businessman named Thomas Wayne (Ben Aldridge), who is secretly a CIA agent working undercover with a group called the No Name League. Among the league’s other American agents: Martha Kane (Emma Paetz), Batman’s future mother.

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