EVILNUM malware targeting global financial sector

Hackers behind a series of targeted financial attacks have been updating their malware to better evade detection over the last year, according to new Prevailion research slated to be published Wednesday. Since at least February 2019, the hackers, who have begun impersonating CEOs and banks in their lure documents, have introduced at least seven updates to the malicious software known as EVILNUM, which enables attackers to upload and download files, harvest tracking cookies, and run arbitrary commands. While internet scammers frequently masquerade as corporate executives to tempt victims into clicking on malware, attackers behind EVILNUM are rapidly working to make their tools more obscure. The unknown attackers began rolling out the newest version of the EVILNUM malware three days ago. By press time, the hacking tool only was detected by eight of the 59 vendors on VirusTotal, a malware-sharing repository indicating many common software security vendors are not capable of protecting against this group’s techniques.

Source: Cyberscoop

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