Russian Hybrid Warfare and Other Dark Arts

Russian Hybrid Warfare and Other Dark Arts: Even if hybrid warfare was a thing (its not), the Russian annexation of Crimea and invasion of Ukraine was a war. Nothing else to call it.

New Spider Ransomware Emerges

A new ransomware family discovered when analyzing a mid-scale campaign that started over the weekend uses decoy documents auto-synced to enterprise cloud storage and collaborations apps, security researchers have say. read more

Threat Modeling the Internet of Things: Modeling Reaper

What a timely way to end this series on Threat Modeling the Internet of Things (IoT). An advanced thingbot, nicknamed Reaper (or IoTroop), was recently discovered infecting hordes of IoT devices. Reaper ups the ante for IoT security. read more

Apple Patches KRACK Flaws in AirPort Base Station

Apple this week released security updates to the firmware for its AirPort Base Stations to resolve vulnerabilities that make the network routers at risk to Key Reinstallation Attacks (KRACK).  read more
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