Proposed Legislation Would Give Legal Right to Hack Back

Hacking back is a perennial and contentious issue. Its latest instance comes in the form of a 'Discussion Draft' bill proposed by Representative Tom Graves (R-GA): The Active Cyber Defense Certainty Act. Graves claims it is gaining bipartisan support, and he expects to present it to the House of Representatives…

Citadel Botnet Author Pleads Guilty

A Russian national has pleaded guilty in a United States court to charges related to the development and distribution of the Citadel malware. read more

Intrusions Without Malware: Don’t Forget the Other Sixty Percent

The time has come to start paying attention to the other sixty percent.  No, this isn’t a political piece.  Rather, I am trying to call attention to something that, in my opinion, is not high enough on the priority list of many people in the information security profession. read more