Researchers Demonstrate Voting Machine Hack

Despite several security alerts and research papers published in the past years, some of the voting machines used in the United States presidential election are still vulnerable to hacker attacks. read more

Ransomware repulsion regimes revealed!

LogRhythm Webinar explains how to respond to the evolving ransomware threat Promo Ransomware is a type of malware that sees criminals make your critical business data inaccessible by encrypting it and throwing away the decryption key … until you pay them a ransom.…

Android’s Hover feature is a data HOOVER

Mouse-over-on-mobile feature intentionally allows data-stealing overlay attacks That took a while: Android's had Hover since Ice Cream, but boffins have taken until now to work out how to attack it.…

Cisco Resets Passwords on Careers Portal

Cisco last week prompted a password reset for the user accounts on its Cisco Professional Careers mobile website after a security researcher discovered a vulnerability in the portal. read more