Vidal Sassoon: Hairdresser’s Secret Life as Jewish Anti-Fascist Streetfighter

Vidal Sassoon: Hairdresser's Secret Life as Jewish Anti-Fascist Streetfighter:

The organisation of the crew is pretty interesting. Very informal. Based entirely on phone calls telling ppl to be at a certain place and time.

I’d be interested to know how they did their intelligence collection, particularly against the fascists private pub meetings rather than the street preaching and marching (which would be obvious OSINT).

That they were able to consider a plan for abduction meant that they were at least capable of surveillance. The plan may have been aspirational, but they were experienced soldiers, so they must have had some concept of the resources and preparation required and a belief that they could fulfil those requirements. It is unlikely that they didn’t proceed due to insufficient understanding of what was involved.