Working Against the Tide (COMSEC Lessons)

A declassified NSA document on lessons learned about COMSEC practices (through 1969).


Just to give you an idea, here is the Table of Content:

I. THE PROBLEM. Division of Responsibilities. Enemy SIGINT Threat. Major Problems II. CONVENTIONAL COMSEC MONITORING. Army Security Agency . Naval Security Group Air Force Security Service III. COMSEC SURVEILLANCE . 87 The Concept . 87 SILVER BAYONET. 90 Guam 96 MARKET TIME 109 GAME WARDEN. 116 ARC LIGHT. 119 PURPLE DRAGON 128 IV. COMMUNICATIONS COVER AND DECEPTION. 139 Communications Cover . 140 Communications Deception . 141 V. LESSONS LEARNED. 155 COMSEC Education . 155 The CC&D Paradox. 159 New Concepts for Old Problems. 159 Full Treatment for the Patient. 163 Better Systems, Better COMSEC . 163 Command Emphasis. 167