Fixing ‘guake can not init’ and buggy tab titles on Backtrack 5 R3

Hi Folks, I’m a heavy Guake Terminal user and I just installed the latest Backtrack 5 revision (R3) and installed Guake on it. I was surprised when I tried to start by getting the message:

“Guake can not init!\n\nGconf Error.\nHave you installed guake.schemas properly?”

Long story short, it seems that the package bundled with this version of Backtrack (and maybe others) have a bug into the debian package file/script that installs the guake.schemas file into an erroneous location (/usr/etc/gconf/schemas/).

The location should be /etc/gconf/schemas/guake.schemas. You’ll have to mkdir this schemas directory under /etc/gconf and mv or ln -s this file there. Problem solved.

This solution was found here.

Buggy tab titles

Other thing that annoys me a LOT is that some versions (0.4.1 and maybe older ones) of Guake have a bug in the tab titles setting mechanism. It simply goes blank and you’re left with a blank title when you try to change it.

You’ll have to hack up a Guake file to fix that:

  1. Edit (on BT5R3 is at /usr/lib/guake/
  2. Comment out the following code on line 983: dialog.destroy()
  3. Copy that same code (uncommented of course) below the if statement (about line 987)
  4. Save and restart Guake
  5. Enjoy!

This solution was found here.

Well, that’s all for now! Hope that this hint helps someone!