I Want to Make Art

dark trees

I’m coming to the realization that I badly want to make art.

Not art like I thought art was when I was a kid—which basically meant painting—but art in the sense of making people experience the wild dimensions in life in unique ways. For me that means making music and writing stories.

Of course I still want to continue to exploring and discussing and explaining things, but I think that’s a conversation that vibrates at the frequency of thought and ideas. And that’s awesome. I love it. But I think it’d like to come at those same ideas from the perspective of emotion instead of logic.

I feel like, just as with debate, you cannot truly sway someone with mathematical proofs; you win them with emotion. And I know that’s often abused to convince people of untruths. I don’t want to do that.

I want to help people explore higher states of existence, and happiness, and sensation, and connectedness through music and stories.

I’m also intellectually challenged by the impossibility of doing so. I cannot think of anything more difficult than writing good fiction, or creating a song that moves people. Or at least, not that I’d want to do.

So this is a message to myself, and a reminder to you, that this is the path I am becoming increasingly drawn to.

Please, don’t let me ignore the call for too long.

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