Major global hack found to be state-funded by China

Researchers from the security firm Symantec have discovered a major hacking campaign that is using sophisticated techniques in order to compromise companies networks worldwide. It is thought that the hack has been funded by the Chinese government, with a well-know hacking group initiating the attacks using both off-the-shelf and custom-made tools. One of the tools used exploits Zerologon, one of Windows server vulnerabilities which was patched in August. Once Zerologon is successfully hacked it can give attackers instant administrator privileges on vulnerable systems.

The report by Symantec said “Japan-linked organizations need to be on alert as it is clear they are a key target of this sophisticated and well-resourced group, with the automotive industry seemingly a key target in this attack campaign.” The researchers continued to say “however, with the wide range of industries targeted by these attacks, Japanese organizations in all sectors need to be aware that they are at risk of this kind of activity.”

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