Mechanizing The Methodology

Download the Slides.

I presented at DEFCON’s Red Team Village on August 8th, and the topic was the automation of common Recon and Security activities. More specifically, it was about how to do those things with common tools like Linux, Bash, Cron, Email, and Slack.

My friend Clint Gibler of TL;DR Sec fame graciously created one of his brilliant summaries of the talk, which you can find here.

The central concepts in the talk are the following:

  1. Turn security tasks into small, granular questions that have answers
  2. Each answer should be a simple output that can become the input for another process
  3. Chain these questions and answers together into workflows
  4. Schedule them with cron
  5. Alert using Amazon SES
  6. Iterate as you learn new techniques.

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