Mozilla: Internet Ecosystem Becoming More Fragmented

Mozilla’s 2020 Internet Health Report deals with some key concerns that could potentially threaten the openness, security and accessibility of the Internet. Over the past year, the Internet has been riddled with problems related to “built-in” racial bias, creating a toxic environment in which discrimination and diversification are rampant.

Mozilla believes that the Internet landscape “reflects a particular corpus of web content and the context of software developers, managers, and executives of technology companies who are rarely diverse in terms of race, ethnicity or gender.” This is based on the fact that artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms display bias against black and ethnic minority groups, with the majority of search engine results displaying white and US-centric content.

Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google parent company Alphabet, Facebook, Tencent, and Alibaba are the top technology companies that control the web. They have a responsibility to control the spread of misinformation and work to combat any racial bias found on their servers.

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