MSI buttons up, launches Summit business laptops with Tiger Lake

This week, PC-maker MSI held a "virtual summit" where it announced a plethora of new machines, largely driven by the launch of Intel's 11th-generation CPUs. Much of what was discussed amounts to the usual suspects—various forms and configurations of gaming laptops to compete with Razer and its ilk. But the Taiwanese tech company also introduce the Summit series: slim business laptops that are outside the recent norm for the company.

MSI's existing Prestige and Modern lines will also get a Tiger Lake refresh, with retail availability expected in October.

As a laptop vendor, MSI focuses on the higher end, both in gaming and productivity laptops. Until now, all MSI models we're aware of—including the general-purpose laptops not aimed at gamers—have featured Nvidia discrete GPUs. The Tiger Lake refresh of the productivity-oriented Modern line does away with the Nvidia GPU, relying entirely on Intel's integrated Xe graphics instead. Seeing an OEM who has been all-in on discrete GPUs suddenly drop them in existing product lines is another good indicator that Intel's Xe integrated graphics will likely live up to the hype.

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