New phishing scams detected targeting political opinions

A report published by Mimecast has discovered a new type of phishing email scam targeting people’s political opinions, particularly as the US election closes in. Cybercriminals have begun impersonating political organisations, mimicking their domains, slogans, and even getting people to donate to fake organisations.

Mimecast researchers have discovered new website registrations under the name ‘Donald Trump’ but changing one letter. For example, one website was found using this name but the ‘n’ was changed to an ‘ñ’, a minor detail that would often go unnoticed.

The report has also discovered a phishing email scam that leads its recipients, often Trump supporters, to a page to donate to BLM charities. Although this may seem confusing as Trump and BLM are in opposition, the fact is that those who do donate will in fact be giving money to the cybercriminals instead.

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