PlayStation 5 runs cool and quiet, according to initial hands-on reports

Like most of the world, we here at Ars are still waiting for our first hands-on experience with the PlayStation 5 ahead of its planned release next month. But over the weekend, a handful of Japanese journalists and YouTubers got to try out Sony's new system and have revealed a few new tidbits about the hardware and its design.

The most welcome news—at least for those accustomed to the "jet engine" fan noise sometimes encountered on the PS3 and PS4—is that the PS5 seems to remain relatively quiet even while in continuous use. Dengeki Online (Google Translate) noted that "it was really quiet" after playing for hours in a hot room, with no apparent heat felt on the surface of the system itself.

AV Watch (Google Translate) similarly noted that "the operating sound of the main unit [is] now smaller than [that] of PS4," as was the sound of pressing buttons on the DualSense controller. And 4Gamer (Google Translate) confirmed that "the exhaust was gentle, and I could hardly hear what seemed to be the rotating noise of the fan."

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