CVE-2017-13082: Key Reinstall in FT Handshake: The Krack Attack the KRACK attack website for details: the KRACK attack original PoC:


CrunchRAT CrunchRAT currently supports the following features: File upload File download Command execution It is currently single-threaded (only one task at a time), but multi-threading (or multi-tasking) is currently in the works. Additional features will be included at a later date. Crunch RAT (Remote Admin Tool, Not Trojan)

PHP OPcache Override

PHP OPcache Override This project contains the demo website and the tools presented in the following blog post

CVE-2016-0051 (MS-016)

Proof-of-concept BSoD (Blue Screen of Death) and Elevation of Privilege (to SYSTEM) code for my CVE-2016-0051 (MS-016). this PoC will run from CMD and the shell will spwan in the same CMD -pid   vulnerabilty poc auhor: koczkatamas Original code: Thanks to koczkatamas    

ImageTragick POC

ImageTragick POCs How To Use git clone cd PoCs ./ To test a policy.xml file place it in the script directory and run  


Conventional WPA2 attacks work by listening for a handshake between client and Access Point. This full fourway handshake is then used in a dictonary attack. This tool is a Proof of Concept to show it is not necessary to have the Access Point present. A person can simply listen for…