Podcast Episode 12: Major WhatsApp Vulnerability and Other News

This week in our news-focused episode we cover the WhatsApp zero-day vulnerability that allegedly was used to infect phones with malware by simply calling a phone with the app. We also announced a new update to the Wordfence plugin, making an updated two-factor authentication feature available to all Wordfence users. We cover a story about SIM hijacking and discuss why we need to move away from SMS 2-factor authentication. We also cover an ongoing supply-chain attack affecting thousands of sites, three antivirus companies that have been compromised, a malvertiser indictment and other stories.

Here are approximate timestamps in case you want to jump around:
0:30 WhatsApp voice calls used to inject malware
7:07 New Wordfence login security features
12:30 Ongoing supply-chain attack
18:58 SIM card hijacking campaign
22:05 Three US Antivirus companies compromised
23:55 Malvertiser compromised
30:12 Opting out of facial recognition at airports
32:48 Microsoft Word gets politically correct
37:38 Binance intrusion
41:25 Federal agencies spending millions to hack into phones

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This week in the news we cover:

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