Podcast Episode 19: Service Vulnerabilities in Four Hosting Companies

In episode 19 we talk to Brad Haas about recently patched service vulnerabilities that impacted four popular hosting companies. We also talk about a new login security plugin for WordPress that we’ve launched. In the news we cover a wave of SIM swapping attacks hitting cryptocurrency users, NGINX vulnerabilities and recent data breaches affecting the personal information of millions of people.

Here are approximate timestamps in case you want to jump around:
0:40 Interview with Brad Haas on service vulnerability impacting four popular hosting companies
15:31 New Wordfence Login Security plugin
27:54 SIM port attacks hit cryptocurrency users
35:23 100,000 Australian’s private details exposed by Westpac PayID
39:44 Billing details for 11.9 million Quest Diagnostics customers exposed
43:47 NGINX RCE Vulnerabilities

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This week in the news we cover:

You can find Mark on Twitter as @mmaunder, Kathy as @kathyzant and Brad at @realbradhaas. Please don’t hesitate to post your feedback in the comments below.

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