Podcast Episode 2: Mikey Veenstra Talks XSS Vulnerability + The Adam Warner Interview

Welcome to Think Like a Hacker, Episode 2. In this episode Mikey Veenstra, a threat analyst at Wordfence, discusses a serious XSS vulnerability in an abandoned cart plugin. We also chat with Adam Warner, a well known figure in the WordPress community. In our interview we chat about Adam’s personal WordPress journey, community engagement success and the future of WordPress. You can find Adam on Twitter at @wpmodder. And as always we cover the news with Kathy Zant.

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This week in the news we cover:

  • The web just took a big step toward a password-free future with WebAuthn. The Worldwide Web Consortium approved the WebAuthn standard on March 4. We look at how it works, why this is important, and what it means for WordPress.
  • A marketing company left a massive database of detailed marketing data exposed. Security researchers discovered the database, including a trove of personally identifiable information about over 800 million people.
  • Researchers have discovered a collection of MongoDBs containing information collected by China about their citizens from a variety of platforms, tied to individual profiles and distributed to police across the country.
  • It’s been 30 years of the web, and Sir Tim Berners-Lee wrote a blog post about the state of the web some thoughts on where we’re going next.

You can find me on Twitter as @mmaunder, Kathy as @kathyzant, and Mikey as @heyitsmikeyv. Please don’t hesitate to post your feedback in the comments below.

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