Podcast Episode 25: WordCamp EU Wraps Up and WordPress Security News

From Berlin we talk about our experience attending the largest WordCamp in the world and then dive into the news. We discuss 2,600 hacked WordPress sites being used for a free proxy service, Iranian cyber attacks, an attack at JPL affecting NASA and a WeTransfer security incident. We also cover a phishing breach at Oregon DHS affecting over 645,000 Oregonians, 2.9 million Canadians affected by a leak at Desjardins Group, and the bankruptcy filing of the collections firm behind the Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp breach.

Here are approximate timestamps in case you want to jump around:
00:37 WordCamp EU recap
06:32 Free proxy service running on 2600 hacked WordPress sites
09:28 US launches cyber attack targeting Iranian military
15:58 NASA mission network compromised by rogue Raspberry Pi
19:43 WeTransfer security incident
21:38 Oregon Department of Human Services suffers phishing attack
23:36 Desjardins Group leak exposes data 2.9 million members
25:48 Company behind data breach impacting 20 million Americans files for bankruptcy

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This week in the news we cover:

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