Podcast Episode 32: WordPress Vulnerabilities Targeted, iOS Security Update & the Equifax Settlement

This week, we cover WordPress vulnerabilities targeted by a malvertising campaign and an important iOS security update. We also look at Equifax’s $700 million settlement and a recent uptick of new breaches added to Have I Been Pwned. Along with other news and a summary of WordCamp Boston, we talk about the film project we’ve worked on since late last year. Open | The Community Code will premiere November 2019. We talk about how and why we created this film about the open-source WordPress community.

Here are timestamps in case you would like to jump around:

0:45 Kathy reviews WordCamp Boston
3:40 Open.film, how and why we created a documentary short about WordPress
12:15 WordPress vulnerabilities targeted by malvertising campaign
17:30 iOS security update
19:40 Equifax settlement
24:15 New breaches in Have I Been Pwned
29:32 Russian Intelligence Hack
31:50 Bulgaria tax agency hacked
33:45 Kazakhstan’s plans to add man-in-the-middle certificate
39:45 A plea to cybersecurity reporters

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This week in the news we cover:

  • A malvertising campaign is targeting recently disclosed WordPress vulnerabilities.
  • An iOS update released July 22 contains numerous security patches.
  • Equifax settles with the Federal Trade Commission for $700 million for the data breach that happened in 2017.
  • Numerous new breaches have been added to Have I Been Pwned. They include breaches from the following:
    • Online photo editing site piZap
    • Fashion retailer SHEIN
    • Hacking site BlackSpigotMC
    • Video making service Animoto
    • Broadcasting service YouNow
    • Bulgarian National Revenue Agency
    • Food ordering service EatStreet
    • Auction website Artvalue
    • Roleplaying website Roll20
    • Gaming site Armor Games
    • Gaming site Game Salad
    • Gaming site Stronghold Kingdoms
    • Gaming site Flash Flash Revolution
    • Smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi user forum
  • Russian Intelligence has been hacked, exposing social media and TOR intelligence projects
  • The Bulgarian National Revenue Agency had records of 5 million taxpayers stolen by hackers, which is likely the entire taxpaying population.
  • The government of Kazakhstan ordered all ISPs in the country to force customers to install a government-issued root certificate by Quaznet Trust Network on all of their internet accessing devices.

You can find Mark on Twitter as @mmaunder and Kathy as @kathyzant. To learn more about Open, visit open.film or follow on Twitter @opendotfilm. Please feel free to post your feedback in the comments below.

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