Red Canary enters cloud workload protection space

Red Canary has announced the launch of Red Canary Cloud Workload Protection, a cloud workload protection (CWP) solution that provides visibility and threat detection for security and DevOps teams. This new solution is purpose-built for cloud Linux workloads, focuses on runtime threat protection and response, and integrates seamlessly into DevOps workflows without sacrificing system performance and reliability.

“Most businesses don’t have an effective solution in place to identify compromises or adversary activity in their cloud environments. Great advances have been made in preventive controls and risk identification, but little traction has been made in threat detection outcomes,” said Joren McReynolds, General Manager for CWP, Red Canary. “The market is ready for a product-focused on this core area that will deliver exceptional results.”

“Ionic Security has a large, fast moving, and diverse cloud environment that has challenged existing security toolsets,” shared Zachary Braun, Senior Manager of Security Operations and NOC, Ionic Security. “Having used Red Canary’s CWP product for over a year now, we can happily say that CWP supports our diverse configurations with minimal performance impact, and it’s supported by the same passionate and knowledgeable resources behind all of Red Canary’s offerings.”

Red Canary Cloud Workload Protection Overview:

  • Red Canary Cloud Workload Protection offers continuous collection and analysis of telemetry across physical, virtual, and containerized workloads.
  • The product provides a consolidated view of a customer’s entire cloud ecosystem, identifies potential risks and confirms threats to be actioned.
  • The lightweight, cloud-ready sensor is optimized for Linux with support for nearly all distributions, and can be deployed on all workload types, in AWS, Google Cloud and Azure – with minimal impact on CPU, memory, or stability.
  • Cloud Workload Protection continuously monitors processes, network traffic, and DNS alongside memory and runtime code integrity for all workloads in a single platform.
  • Cloud Workload Protection delivers confirmed threats with rich context, mapped to the latest MITRE ATT&CK® techniques so customers can take informed action.
  • Red Canary Cloud Workload Protection automatically locates unprotected workloads in your environment with workload discovery tools.
  • Red Canary Cloud Workload Protection offers a frictionless, free trial as the gateway to a forever-free telemetry collection solution, an enterprise SaaS product that provides high-fidelity threat alerts, or a fully-managed service delivering detailed, confirmed detections.

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