Rocket Report: Angara finally flies again, Falcon 9 customers embrace reuse

A rocket sits on a launch pad in front of a fiery sunrise.

Enlarge / Blue Origin has released a new rendering of New Glenn taking off. (credit: Blue Origin)

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Astra very nearly reaches orbit. Poor weather prevented Astra launch attempts on Friday and through the weekend, but by Tuesday, the upper-level winds over the spaceport in Kodiak, Alaska, lessened, Ars reports. And so, despite the leaden skies overhead, Rocket 3.2 ignited its five main engines and launched. It followed its planned flight trajectory nearly dead-on. A couple of minutes into flight, the main engines shut down, and the second stage separated. Its engine, too, lit. This upper stage then burnt all of its propellant and simulated the deployment of a payload into space.

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