Sequoia Capital investor information stolen

Sequoia Capital, one of the most famous venture capital firms in Silicon Valley announced that it suffered a data breach. The firm officially referred to it as a “cybersecurity incident”, in which investor data, including personal information, was likely stolen. The attack vector is alleged to have been a phishing link received by an employee. It is still unclear whether malware or ransomware was involved in the attack, however investors have already been informed of the potential risk. Sequoia also reported that, as of yet, there is no indication that compromised information is being traded or otherwise exploited.

Sequoia also released a statement in which it assures that the security team responded promptly to investigate the data breach and that outsider cybersecurity experts had been hired to “remediate the issue”. Law enforcement was also notified. Sequoia also added: “We regret that this incident has occurred and have notified affected individuals. We have made considerable investments in security and will continue to do so as we work to address constantly evolving cyber threats.”


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