Sony reportedly puts a stop to third-party PS5 faceplate plans

Last month, Sony revealed in a teardown video that the wavy white faceplates that give the PlayStation 5 so much of its substantial bulk are easily removable by hand, without the use of tools. That caused some to hope for the return of an aftermarket for customizable, Xbox 360-style faceplates to change the look of the system in your personal entertainment center.

Sony, apparently, is not among the hopeful. The company has reportedly threatened legal action against one of the first companies to design and attempt to sell custom PS5 faceplates, first for trademark infringement and then for alleged infringement on intellectual property. (archived version) was “born out of the single desire to create a Matte Black custom faceplate, simply because we believed it was what the PS5 community deserved,” the site read. The site went up last month promising “unofficial third-party accessories” for the PS5, including a number of colorful $39.99 faceplates that it planned to ship within two weeks of the system’s November 12 launch.

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