Trailer: Disney’s Marvel’s 616 docu-series explores lesser-known Marvel stories

The Marvel's 616 trailer

Disney+ has a broad variety of content at this point—family shows, animated films, The Mandalorian, and so on. But there's a distinct, Disney-specific formula that has emerged for the streaming network's original series: documentaries talking up the cultural importance of Disney's own brands and the creative contributions of the filmmakers, artists, and so on behind those works.

That continues with a new series titled Marvel's 616; Disney just released a trailer for the show today.

616 will span eight episodes, each directed by a filmmaker of some prominence (some of them more widely known as actors, actually), and each focused on a different aspect of the world of Marvel comics and films and the fandom thereof. In some ways, it sounds a bit like the Marvel version of other self-promotional series like Disney InsiderDisney Gallery / Star Wars: The MandalorianOne Day at Disney, and The Imagineering Story.

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