What the heck is hashtag Hack The H00d?

#Hack The H00d


Just “Q”. Yes, like the letter.

Grey Hat Developer

What the heck is #Hack The H00d? First I’d like to clarify something very important about what Grey Hat Developer is about. This may even answer your question of what the heck #Hack The H00d is. Yes, those are two 00’s used in place of what is known as an O in our alphabet. The 0’s are used to distinguish Grey Hat Developer from a community that also uses the #Hack The Hood hashtag and slogan. From what I’ve gathered, the other community and Grey Hat Developer do share certain values. But we are not acquainted with them.

Also, we are in the process of updating the content of the current About Pages because it no longer defines what we are about. Yes, we are still and always will be about teaching “anyone” I.T., computer security principles, and techniques. Given they have the willingness to learn. What we will not do is cater to people who are very well capable of picking this stuff up but don’t display any willingness to learn it whatsoever. 

What is #Hack The H00d? Wouldn’t it be beautiful to replace all of the drugs and guns that plague our neighborhoods and barrios, with workstations? #Hack The H00d is about giving people in the community skills that will equip them to move forward into our future. We teach you how to code. We teach you how to hack. Occasionally, we step outside of the hacking and take on artistic activities. For instance, if you follow our page, or my personal page for that matter, you will find me rapping. (Believe it or not, I tried my hand at rapping for a living. <—- didn’t work out as well as I’d liked it too, so now I do it because it’s still a healthy way for me to express myself. It’s therapy. You get my point.



#Hack The H00d is our new slogan. Our initiative to make sure that our children are educated in and out about the internet and how cybersecurity relates to it. Some of us do the fun stuff like designing websites. Other of us do the more fun stuff like testing the security of the website created by those who were only doing the fun stuff. Mind you, you will learn just how to technically explain what I just said in layman’s terms. You will also learn how to very technically  “perform” what I explained in layman’s terms above.


#Hack The H00d is also a culture. A culture that our communities can feel secure to be a part of. Our youth and our nation need role models. #Hack The H00d is about nurturing those role models. #Hack The H00d is about the future of our  next great doers and thinkers.

#Hack The H00d is about exploiting the untapped potential and patching it in a way that it is no longer vulnerable to the bad guys…..

Thank you!