Who Cares about my computer, server …etc

About this site

About this site

Computer Security is something we should all care about !

You Might Be Asking your self what is the point of this site.

do I mean who cares about internet security let it be the wild west, or am i referencing the people and types that do indeed care..?

to be honest I still haven’t figured that out yet, While I work as a security researcher, I see so much garbage out there and many rubes who knowingly join and participate that it makes me wonder. are the good people who care the minority,

in any event, i will be posting stories and news from both the good and bad side of the infosec game.
we must celebrate the wins, and yet never forget the loses, unless you want history to repeat itself.

this site will consist of mainly my ramblings and other security news sources that are scraped and archived.
basically this site is a quasi-educational quasi-research based blog wit ha focus on linux and windows based machines.