Windows 10 machines running on ARM will be able to emulate x64 apps soon

Windows laptops and convertibles running ARM aren't exactly the bulk of the market at this point, but there are several of them there—including Microsoft's own updated Surface Pro X, which was just announced today.

One of the reasons that not every consumer has made the plunge is that running traditional x86 apps on these Windows 10 ARM machines poses significant limitations. Among the biggest: there's no support at all for running 64-bit x86 applications in emulation, only 32-bit.

Today, Microsoft announced in a long-winded blog post that that limitation will soon change, as emulation of 64-bit Windows applications is going into a public-testing phase soon. That addresses one of the biggest complaints about the platform—complaints that have only grown as more popular applications have converted to 64-bit-only as the months have gone by.

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