You Can Subscribe to Newsletters in Feedly


I think RSS is spectacular, and Feedly is my client of choice. But lately, newsletters have become the big thing. It really is a case of the old becoming new, with people leaving the internet and going back to email.


Anyway, I love the newsletter trend for the content, but I don’t like the email medium. I want all my content in my RSS reader, and luckily Feedly can handle it.


All you do is click the plus icon on the far left of Feedly (to add content), and type in the name or the URL of the Substack or other newsletter you are interested in, and the suggestion pops up just like a regular website.


They even have an option for subscribing to pure email newsletters by subscribing to that newsletter with a Feedly address. You just create a new, custom address, subscribe to the newsletter using that address, and then all your new newsletters will show up in Feedly!

Anyway, hope this helps someone who’s trying to benefit from newsletters while keeping an RSS-centered life.

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